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Unconventional Travel Magazine
A new magazine showcasing weird and wonderful travel destinations, Junket has many meanings since the 15th century but can refer to a pleasure outing or trip, it's appeal as the usual and interesting reflected the magazine's intention, to initiate intrigue. (Student project)
Branding - Art Movement
'Art Movement' are a company specialising in the care of, removal, packing and delivery of antiques and art pieces, the name offers reference to the physical moving of art and the movements in art history which are fluid, changing and dynamic. This offers an opportunity to create a number of looks for the company branding whilst keeping the logo clean, slick and contemporary. (Student project)
Event to Reinvent -WI
An event to showcase the skills, experience and all that the women of the WI have to offer to a younger audience, aimed at girls aged 16-20, the idea was to change the perceptions of the WI with a campaign that was loud, bold and exciting. (Student project)
Branding - Off the Rails
Off the Rails is a online and in store high end fashion and couture rental company aimed at young professional women aged 25-35, the idea for the branding was to couple a contemporary and stylish logo with bold contrasting patterns and a strong colour palette. The branding emphasis is on attitude, style and expression. (Student project)
Corporate Report -Lunar Land
Lunar Land is an entertainment company who own a number of amusement parks, the client requested that the report was fun and engaging whilst delivering the essential information required. The influence for the design, colour and illustration were the sweets and candy floss that are enjoyed on a day at the parks as well as the twists and turns of the rollercoasters. (Student project)
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